The Legendary Goddess

Who Is the Legendary Goddess He Xian Gu?

by Jinlin Zhang on May 02, 2023

Legend has it that during the Tang Dynasty, a beautiful and wise immortal named He Xian Gu lived in seclusion high in the mountains. She dedicated her life to mastering the arts of Taoist alchemy and moxibustion, and was known far and wide for her unmatched skill in healing all manner of illnesses.

He Xian Gu's ethereal beauty was said to be matched only by her immense knowledge of herbals and the art of moxibustion. With her basket of medicinal herbs and fly-whisk in hand, she possessed the power to control the weather and bring relief to those who suffered.

Despite her great power and influence, He Xian Gu remained humble and chaste, refusing all advances from men. Her legend grew as she continued to help people for generations to come, and she became known as the immortal goddess of healing.

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